Choose from a variety of surface treatments for a unique look

Creating a personalized, luxurious solid wood floor is our DNA.

Futura Floors, from Bamberg wants to differentiate itself on the market primarily through a wide selection of surface treatments. The possibility of achieving different floors with identical surface treatment in color and structure is particularly attractive. This allows architects and our clients to achieve the same floor look using different types of wood flooring depending on factors such as floor height, underfloor heating and cost.

From a wide selection of beautiful colors to texture and design, Futura proudly meets the growing demands for personalized floors. There is a special demand for brushed floor coverings, which in combination with oil additionally express the warmth of the paint and the structure of the wood.

Did you know that at Futura you can achieve even a black floor shade?

By smoking, we can create even the darkest wooden floor coverings. If you want to achieve a unique antique look, smoking is the right solution for you. To protect the smoked surface, we use two-component Rubio Monocoat oil.

When summertime comes remember in Futura you can also personalize wooden decking to create a unique and modern look.

For technical support don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to create your magical floor because your satisfaction is what matters to us.

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