Enjoy using our Room Visualizer tool !

Futura Floors integrated Room Visualizer, a tool which with a snap of a photo from YOUR home, we showcase our products in your own living space.

Our webshop enables us to connect with our customers by providing a customized service. To further improve our communication Futura Floors partnered with Roomvo, a leading provider of visualization software for the flooring industry. 

With a snap of a photo our customer can see all of our products in their room in seconds. Customers can buy confidently, knowing that our floor will match and fit their space. 

This visualizer is a game changes for our industry and we are gratefully to help our customer make faster purchase decisions. 

Even though Room Visualizer is a simple and easy to use tool- we created a short tutorial to guide you though every step of the way. 

We hope you enjoy your experience and match our floor to your living area. 

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