Futura produces personalized sustainable flooring for your dream space

When you again find yourself in the shops of Lacoste, s.Oliver, Esprit, L'Osteria, HiG (Hans im Glück), Birkenstock and Cecil, you are probably standing on a Futura floor!

We invite industry professionals to explore with us our world of carefully selected materials, rich textures and organic colors designed to please the most refined tastes. Specializing in the production of hardwood flooring, Futura Floors offers a fantastic portfolio of high grade, cost effective products. We also prioritize chosen technical characteristics for ease of installation.

Our clients have a multitude of flooring options to select from including solid wood flooring, mosaic/industrial parquet, multilayer parquet, designer vinyl flooring and even exotic/WPC decking for the outdoors. Our customer care and logistics programs assist to fulfil all customers’ needs.

We prioritise sustainability in production and “our ecologically run sawmill has a capacity to produce half a million square meters per year and we are pleased to have warehouse space over 25,000m2,” said Dieter Schelhorn, Head of Sales. We are well aware of the newest product and market trends, successfully meeting the increasingly sustainable requirements of the market as Futura offers selections of FSC certified flooring.

Futura Floors also creates personalized flooring for specialists who anticipate the world trends. Whether your client’s style is classic, contemporary, or eclectic, a hardwood surface can complement the decor and add value to any home. One of our most sought after styles of parquet flooring is herringbone. A classic style used in older luxury buildings herringbone refers to a classic laying pattern. It offers a blend of traditional and modern design elements to create a floor that not only looks authentic and stylish, but also ensures remarkable practicality and durability. At Futura we create a surface unique to any space from traditional finishes to oiled, distressed and wire-brushed flooring. Did you know that we design white label packaging and distinctive handheld or stationary floorboard samples for your showroom?

“We maintain a consistent dialogue with our clients by sending monthly product specials directly to them,” says Sven Haase, sales manager. Building relationships based on reliability and communication is key to our success. Futura understands the importance of timing and therefore we maintain a high performance logistics system covering the France, Luxemburg, Belgium and the DACH region.

With decades of expertise in the wood industry, Futura has a history of success in exceeding expectations as an essential partner for hardwood flooring products, services and customer support.

Kick-start your next flooring project with us- Futura Floors can make the most of any space!

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