Futura provides complete decking installation systems

Decking installation is critical to the long-term beauty and wellbeing of this stunning outdoor surface.

Futura floors offers everything you need for easy decking installation. Our wide variety of under construction, rubber granulate pads and decking bases allows you to create the perfect platform to show off your decking. Also enquire about our invisible fastening system.

To create the perfect frame on which to install your decking, our collection of durable under construction consists of silky matt aluminum, WPC and wooden beams from Angelim Pedra or Siberian larch. Professional rubber granulated pads and professional decking bases allow you to bridge minor unevenness as well as protect and insulate your under construction.

Don’t forget decking care and maintenance oils to preserve your timber, making it long-lasting and resilient to the elements!

With Futura, decking installation has never been easier – we deliver to your door!

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