Futura – trendsetters in the flooring industry

At Futura we are insink with the latest world trends - bringing old styles back to life.

Our most sought after styles of parquet flooring are herringbone and Hungarian point. Despite their similar appearance, the real difference between the two designs is the 45° angle of the short end of Hungarian point planks.

Our clients have two popular materials to choose from: solid oak and engineered oak timber. Futura offers maximum dimension of 20x120x900mm in herringbone and 14x120x880mm in Hungarian point style. Our shortest variant in both styles is 500mm. Choose from our more expressive or harmonious sorting and add a surface treatment of your choice for a unique and personalized look.

If you’re looking for a floor that has a luxurious personality with all the talking points of a modern aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with the herringbone and Hungarian point parquetry.

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