How much "wastage" should be planned?

When you’re ready to order your wood flooring, you’ll come across an industry term which might be unfamiliar: ‘wastage’.  Wastage is an additional percentage of material added to your room’s square meterage for re-sorting and installation.

Why do we need to add wastage to your order?

A degree of cutting and reconfiguring is always necessary when it comes to fitting wood flooring. During the fitting process your planks will need to be cut specifically to fit your floor space. If the room is more irregular in shape and there are lots of corners, alcoves, and difficult angles, you will need to make extra cuts to fit your wood flooring. This will certainly cause more wastage.

Other factors that contribute to requiring more wastage is the unusual configuration such as running boards diagonally and inexperience flooring fitters.

How much wastage to add to an order?

We generally advise wastage of 5-10% to add to your order. Although it might seem like you’re ordering more than you need, this bit of extra flooring is necessary to ensure you have enough wood flooring to finish the job.

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