Is co-extrusion decking the right choice for you?

Traditional WPC decking is the first-generation composite decking board while co-extrusion decking boards are WPC second generation. The second generation is a relatively new and particularly high-tech decking option that features even higher performance than traditional composite decking.

Traditional decking is the most cost-effective material. It is safe and comfortable and has excellent functions such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, stability, and maintenance free. The first generation decking, whose surface layer contains wood powder is directly exposed to the harsh environmental climate making it more vulnerable to the erosion of strong ultraviolet rays, moisture, various bacteria and color fading. Cracking and scratches are also due to the absence of protective coating.

Second generation, co-extrusion decking is an upgraded type of WPC composite decking. Co-extrusion WPC has a "cover" that provides added protection against the elements and everyday living. Covered with high performance and moisture-resistant polymer, co-extrusion decking is free of stains and moisture. The extruded surface is made of multi engineer plastic that completely covers the board in a layer of protection from scratches, stain and fading.

Co-extrusion composite decking is superior to the first generation, leading to its slightly higher costs. Nonetheless, the co-extrusion decking is cost competitive because the traditional wpc decking requires more maintenance time and cost to keep longer service time.

Whatever your choice may be, you can rest assured you would reap excellent return from your investment.

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