Special top German company focused on export

Committed to establishing a presence on the international market, Futura Floors produces and delivers its sustainable, natural and bespoke flooring throughout Europe. Operating a fleet of articulated lorries, Futura champions fast delivery to France, Luxemburg, Belgium and the DACH region. In addition, we export globally to Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Creating a personalized, luxurious hardwood floor is our DNA. Our clients have a multitude of flooring options to select from, including solid wood flooring, mosaic and industrial parquet, multilayer parquet, decking planks for the outdoors and luxurious vinyl flooring. From a wide selection of beautiful colors to texture and design, Futura proudly meets growing demands for personalized flooring.

Order your personalized floor for delivery within one to two weeks of order confirmation at +49 (0) 951 917 888-0 or visit www.futurafloors.com

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