Spring is the perfect time to build your deck

The perfect time to get your decking ready is NOW. Since spring tends to be when most people begin using their decks for the season, this is the perfect time to inspect, renovate and build your deck.

Decks are exposed to rain, snow, ice, sun, and extreme temperatures, all of which can take a toll on their stability and structural reliability. If your deck surface is looking worn or if boards are becoming loose, it’s time to repair or renovate your deck. 

Renovating your deck is an opportunity to choose new decking materials. At Futura you have the option of choosing between timber decking and WPC. One of the best decking materials for a deck renovation is timber decking. We offer high quality timber such as Larch, Ipe, Cumaru and Garapa. These species rank high for durability and resistance to rot and inspects.

WPC has been a popular alternative for timber decking because of its exquisite design and color diversity. At Futura you can purchase solid, hollow and encased WPC decking in various colors and textures. WPC decking is high quality, cost effective and low maintenance.

To reduce the amount of stress you may be going through due to your deck renovation, at Futura we offer various types of accessories for ease of decking installation. Shop at Futura for decking surface treatment, cleaners, exterior oils and installation equipment.

A deck renovation is a big project to take on, but with Futura you will have a beautiful, safe deck for years to come. 

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