Traditional LVT vs SPC Vinyl Flooring

Traditional luxury vinyl plank flooring has been the choice of consumers for years, but products such as SPC vinyl are making waves in the industry.

With the rise of new vinyl products being introduced into the market, it can be hard to figure out which type of floor is best for your project.

Traditional luxury vinyl plank flooring has been the choice of consumers for years, but products such as SPC vinyl are making waves in the industry. 

A vinyl floor has a simple PVC core that makes it flexible and soft. The SPC vinyl planks have a core made of a stone plastic composite, which gives it a rigid construction. Due to its core construction, a luxury vinyl floor will not have much support under foot. An SPC vinyl will feel significantly durable under feet.

Installation is another difference between the two types of flooring. Traditional LVT planks are with a glue down installation while SPC vinyl’s floating, tongue and groove system that is DIY friendly.

Since LVT floors are soft and bendable, heavy furniture can easily dent the material. A SPC vinyl will be more resilient when it comes to dents and abuse. It is a great option for commercial settings due to this reason.

Both floors are extremely water resistant and have a high tolerance to oil and grease.

Traditional LVT and SPC vinyl floors are available in a variety of colors, decors and plank widths. A traditional vinyl may have a realistic look, but they tend to be less advanced than an SPC vinyl.

It is safe to say that we will probably see more innovations coming from the vinyl flooring in the near future.

Enjoy shopping from a variety of vinyl floors in our collections.

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